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Ordnungscoaching & Einrichtungsberatung Berlin

Hygge - a feeling of home

Everything has its time!

Everything has its place!

Professional organizer & 
interior designer
 in Berlin

Do you wish for a home filled with joy, energy, and an order that suits your lifestyle? As a professional organizer and interior designer, I support you in finding long-term order and transforming your home into the comfortable place you've always dreamed of!

Let's get started!

Here's how I can help

Ordnungscoaching Berlin

I'll come over and help you make your home more relaxed and organized, just the way you want it. Let's tidy up together and make life simpler.

Einrichtungsberatung Berlin

Together, we'll design your home, vacation rental/Airbnb, or office into your personal sanctuary where you can recharge. A place where you feel free and love welcoming friends and clients. Let's get creative!

As seen in:

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Hygge (Danish) - is so much more than just "cozy".

It means being together with family and friends, celebrating, and sharing your home with them.

Bringing space and people together. A sense of home.

A wonderful inspiration, a style that allows us to be just as we are.

  • Who can help me furnish my apartment?
    Interior designers can assist you in shaping your apartment to align with your style and needs.
  • How much does a professional organizer cost?
    Depending on your home needs and the number of rooms you'd like sorted and organized, prices range between €60 and €80 per hour in Berlin.
  • Who is a professional decluttering coach?
    I bring order and system to your apartment, house, wardrobe, motorhome, office, or shop. This creates spaces for comfort and rejuvenation, allowing more time and room for the essentials. Individualized solutions are developed, tailored to your living and lifestyle, taking your personality into account. I guide you through the decluttering process and assist in recognizing and letting go of baggage, fostering an invaluable sense of lightness, clarity, and liberation. Techniques are taught to easily maintain the new order in the long run."
  • How much does an interior designer cost?
    The prices vary depending on whether you work with an online or on-site interior designer. Depending on the package, you can expect an hourly rate ranging from €60 to €120.
  • Who can help me with decluttering?
    For small, manageable projects like your wardrobe, friends or family can help. However, for entire rooms, basements, or larger projects in general, it's recommended to collaborate with a professional organizational coach.


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